8 Musicians You Didn’t Know Appeared on Game of Thrones


HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones may be known for killing off its main characters with little hesitation and coming up with twists and turns no one can see coming, but we know it for something else – as a home for musicians!

In addition to the huge cast, the show somehow manages to make room for a variety of musicians to appear on the show. These are our favourites so far…

Spoilers for Seasons 1-5 below


The National
Season 2, Episode 9

Whilst they didn’t actually appear on screen, The National provided a cover of Lannister anthem ‘The Rains of Castamere’ for the end credits of this episode. The song uses lyrics from the original Game of Thrones books and its somber content, the Lannister’s’ destruction of inferior house ‘The Reynes’, is a perfect fit for lead singer Matt Berninger’s deep baritone voice. Based on the singer’s recent long-haired appearance at Bluesfest, perhaps a future cameo could be in the pipeline…


The National
Photo by Josh Groom


Season 3, Episode 9

Speaking of ‘The Rains of Castamere’ and those nefarious Lannisters, the song also appeared in the infamous Red Wedding episode when Robb Stark and his mother and wife are brutally and unexpectedly betrayed. The song is performed as the Starks are murdered and the wedding band features Coldplay drummer Will Champion. Does this mean Coldplay songs are now banned at weddings? I hope so!


The band are obviously huge fans of the show, and even went on to make a fictional musical about the show for Red Nose Day 2015.



The Hold Steady
Season 3, Episode 3

In a similar fashion to The National, The Hold Steady also provided their talents off-screen by recording a cover of fictional song ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’ for this episode’s end credits.



Snow Patrol
Season 3, Episode 3

Perhaps in some sort of friendly rivalry (not that such a thing ever occurs on the show), Snow Patrol’s lead singer and rhythm guitarist Gary Lightbody appeared in the same episode to perform the same song.



Sigur Rós
Season 4, Episode 2

Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós also had a crack at ‘The Rains of Castamere’, although took their commitment one step further by actually appearing on the show to perform their version at Joffrey’s wedding. Based on lead singer Jonsi’s reaction to having coins thrown at him, I’m not entirely sure that the band weren’t responsible for the poisoning…



Season 5, Episode 8

Let’s be perfectly honest here, and say that a lot of the wildlings in Game of Thrones also happen to look like heavy metal musicians. Obviously someone on the show’s production team felt the same, and cast heavy metal band Mastodon as wildlings. The appearance scores bonus points for making them the first band to be brutally slaughtered onscreen.


Like Coldplay, the band are obviously big fans of the show (despite their untimely end) having recorded original track ‘White Walker’ for a Game of Thrones mixtape Catch the Thrones Vol 2. 



Of Monsters and Men
Season 6, Episode 6

Icelandic rock band Of Monsters and Men have been the most recent musical cameo on the show, appearing as part of the performance troupe which Arya watched in Episode 6 of this season.

That’s them above the stage:

Of Monsters and Men Game of Thrones
Photo by HBO


Bonus: Robson and Jerome

Alright, so this one doesn’t actually count, but it’s too good to be left off the list!

Jerome Flynn, aka Bronn, actually used to be half of the 90s pop-duo Robson and Jerome. No matter how hard he tries to be the show’s most badass character, we don’t think he’ll ever escape this cheesy past…



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