Moshcam - For The Fans

Moshcam is all about bringing the live music experience home and putting you in the front row.

After starting life in Sydney Australia over 10 years ago, Moshcam has travelled the world to capture the best live music we can find. Along the way, we've created the world's largest catalogue of originally created live music video -  covering a huge range of genres in locations all over the globe, including acts as diverse as Slash, Major Lazer, Royal Blood, Dandy Warhols, A$AP Rocky and Hot Chip. And we're not done yet!

We here at Moshcam believe deeply in the power and euphoria of the live music experience - and we know you share that belief otherwise you wouldn't be here, right? As someone famously said (was it Duke Ellington, was it Louis Armstrong, was it somebody else??), there's only two kinds of music - good music and the other kind. Amen to that! So we search the world for the good.

For the price of a beer (or a good coffee), you can join us and experience full-length live concerts by artists you know and love, discover some great new ones and put a smile on your face all month long.

Initially, we'll be mining and bringing you the best of our catalogue whilst we wait for this pandemic to subside. But as soon as all the band rooms start returning to what passes for normal, we'll be back out there too, adding lots of great new content, behind the scenes footage, interviews and (as they say in the classics) much, much more.

Welcome to the jungle!