Montaigne // Amy Haplin


“Girl Power! Supported by Woodes and Bec Sandridge, Montaigne nailed the entire show showcasing her new album Glorious Heights. The show-stopping moment was her haunting solo rendition of  ‘Consolation Prize’ which she performed from within the crowd… you could’ve heard a pin drop. Beautiful, talented, awesome!”

Publication: AMNplify

Gear: Nikon D610, with 85mm 1.8 lens

Post Process: The image was run through Lightroom, sharpened and dehazed to cut down on the smoke effects. Then it was hit with exposure and high lights to brighten it up.

About the photographer, Amy Haplin

I got into photography seriously in Jan 2015 after seeing my dad’s beautiful images and it got me really interested to learn more. I got myself an entry level DLSR and started learning as much as I could. I started shooting for AMNplify in November 2015 and I love it. Growing up I was a band

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