Mirrah // Michelle Grace Hunder


“It’s always a pleasure shooting L-Fresh and Mirrah because of the positive vibes their music sends out, they are two of the most humble, beautiful people I know.”

Publication: Shot for the band

Gear: D700, 85mm

Post Process: I actually used a new black and white grade that I hadn’t used before and tweaked from there, This has a little more contrast to the stuff I usually post, I went away from high contrast gig photos because its so common, but this image just popped once I tweaked it a bit.

About the photographer, Michelle Grace Hunder

Beginning her career in professional photography just five years ago, Michelle Grace Hunder already has a self published portrait photography book in the National Archives of Australia and is now considered one of the most revered Australian urban culture photographers, carving out a little niche for herself documenting hip hop in this country.  

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