15 Truly Epic Guitar Smashes


In light of Kurt Russell’s accidental destruction of a priceless 145 year old guitar during the filming of The Hateful Eight, we look back at some of music’s most brutal guitar smashes. RIP our six stringed friends.


This guitar smash by Green Day’s Billie Joe was spur of the moment infuriation. Lesson learnt: never cut their set short.


Another Green Day inclusion, this time with the rest of the band getting involved. Except Billie oddly enough.



As Arcade Fire’s frontman told the A.V. Club “I hated that guitar to be honest. It was time for that guitar to leave this world, and what better way to go”.



What’s a guitar smash list without Metallica?



Not so surprising that Muse hold the Guinness World Record for breaking the most guitars on tour.



Honourable mention to this random guy who rage quits his band mid performance.



This Animal House scene HAD to be included.



Jimi Hendrix with his signature pyrotechnics.



There is nothing Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain liked more.




Legend has it that The Who’s Pete Townshend started this whole bloody affair.



This was supposedly the only time Eddie Van Halen went through with a guitar smash. Something was obviously going down during the set.



Don’t let the calm start fool you, Ritchie Blackmore is about to unleash hell.



We pray Paul Stanley KISSed his guitar goodbye before this show.



And here’s the reason we’re all here…


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