7 Female Artists In Australia You Need To Hear Right Now


There’s no denying Australia has an abundance of talented musicians all over our sunburnt country, but some just don’t get the recognition they deserve. Music is one industry of many that remains a bit of a boys club, from all male line-ups to behind the scenes sexism. Even though the journey’s been long we still haven’t reached our destination yet.

Luckily, there’s a bunch of creatives working to change these conventions and make a more diverse and space for all genders and sexualities. For Film’s Sake is one collective that’s pushing for equality with their event ‘Play Your Gender,’ taking place tonight at Freda’s in Sydney. The night will span across three platforms, including a women in electronic music showcase, a subterranean installation gallery and a screening of Play Your Gender, which sees musician Kinnie Starr exploring why only 5 per cent of music producers are women. All aspects are designed to question traditional ideas of gender and celebrate local female and gender-fluid artists.

Inspired by For Film’s Sake event, we’re taking a minute to toast some of our favourite female bands and leading ladies in Australia right now.


Body Type

If silky guitars and soft vocals are your idea of heaven then Sydney four-piece Body Type is for you! Although they’ve only been performing together for a year or so, the dreamers have already won hearts along the east coast with their charming lo-fi sound and tales of love and suburban life.




Between co-presenting Sidechains’ regular sunset slot on FBi Radio and DJing some of Sydney’s hottest parties, it’s a mystery how one woman can still find time to document each perfectly executed outfit. Style icon and musical tastemaker FlexMami is a rare gem in the Australian music scene, nurturing emerging artists on sites like Life Without Andy and her own We Snitched whilst promoting a refreshing sense of self-love across all her socials.



“She’s not bossy, she’s your fucking boss” speaks endless words on the stigmas and unfair representation surrounding women (especially in the work place) and LAZERTITS are the ones brave enough to say it. The Melbourne brat-punk group combine the best of important social commentary, as seen in ‘Boss Bitch’, with everyday situations like drinking goon in your roommates room and getting an arts degree.



Confidence Man

Last year we were graced with the tongue-in-cheek dancefloor filler that is ‘Boyfriend (Repeat)’ and very quickly people all across the country found themselves uncontrollably dancing to the sassy sounds of Confidence Man. Leading the pack is Janet Planet: equal parts singer, dancer and firecracker. With a few stellar gigs and festival slots under their belt, we can safely assume big things from what is one of Australia’s most exciting and energetic live acts.



The Football Club

Spearheaded by frontwoman Ruby Markwell, The Football Club are carving out their signature folk-punk sound with lashings of vulnerability and reflections of the world around us. Markwell is never one to shy away from what can be seen as uncomfortable topics – freely singing about gender, drunken nights, music industry posers, sexuality and life as a trans woman.




Fans of hot summer nights and relaxed beats you can still groove to, rejoice! Nyxen has emerged as one of Sydney’s most exciting producers, armed with a palette that’s fresh, refined and polished to perfection.



Ali Barter

Singing honestly and shamelessly about relationships is Ali Barter’s greatest strength. From her standout 2016 power pop hit ‘Girlie Bits’ to her recent full length release A Suitable Girl, everything Barter touches turns to a cathartic and undeniably relatable piece of gold.


Check out all the details of tonight’s event here.

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