Splendour in the Grass 2018 Lineup in Photos


Rejoice fans of music and general awesomeness, the Splendour 2018 lineup is here and, as if there was any doubt, it’s pretty much perfect. * Cue a single tear of joy rolling down our faces *

The only downside of such a perfect lineup is that it makes the wait of the next few months truly unbearable. I mean how many times can you really attempt an amateur cover of Kendrick Lamar’s HUMBLE. before all your friends leave you?

(Through personal research I can confirm the answer is actually quite a few.) 

To ease our collective thumb twiddling and/or verse butchering we’ve gone through and selected our favourite photos of artists on the lineup to give a taste of what to expect when July finally arrives, and to remind you again how many amazing names are going to be packed into it.

Photos by Josh Groom

Ball Park Music
Alex Lahey
Sampa the Great
Vampire Weekend
Dune Rats
Middle Kids
Gang of Youths
Kendrick Lamar
The Jungle Giants
Stella Donnelly
The Avalanches ( DJ )
Ocean Alley
Elk Road


Henry Rollins
Hockey Dad
The Wombats

Check out the full lineup and all the details here.

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