Robert Plant’s Connection With The Devil Himself!


On Robert Plant’s 68th birthday, we contemplated bringing you his top vocal performances, or even Led Zeppelin’s best on stage moments, but there are literally thousands to pick from. The timeless-psych-hippy-hard-soft-trendsetting rock immortals have done it all, and done it all so very well. They have a back catalogue longer and larger than our own (and that’s saying something).

One topic surrounding the band that’s arguably more entertaining than their music, is their constant link to Satan. To this day there are right-wing activists or born-again Christians who truly believe that the devil took residence on earth in the form of Led Zeppelin, and preached his god-awful satan-likes values to naive teens who were lapping up the contagious rock. As I’m sure you’ve heard, the strongest argument is based around the track ‘Stairway To Heaven’. The risqué lyrics receive enough attention by themselves, but it’s when the track is played backwards that skeptics really get all jittery and blush with that ‘I told you so face’.



Yet that’s not why we’re here, because that in fact is old news.

But this guy. This guy right here. He will open up your eyes, ears and soul into the conspiracy theory that is, and how it goes beyond lyrics, chords and puzzles that Robert Plant is even aware of.

The preacher below admits “I was a Led Zeppelin fanatic, and I had no idea because I was blinded, because people are being blinded by this you guys, but I have been set free by the Lord Jesus Christ who breaks these chains of deception, and you can be set free too.” This here is 13 minutes of deadset certainty that four humble lads from London had their bodies taken over by a spirit so evil, it would lead to ultimate destruction.



If you managed to look past the moustache and take that all in, here’s Metallica bassist Robert Trujullo getting involved. All with a smile on his face by the way, because the thought alone can trigger even the rockiest of rock stars to break their hard-nosed character and giggle like a school girl.



Whether or not this is true remains a mystery. Who knows what Led Zeppelin are really up to?

If you yourself think you have been taken over by the devil, and or evil spirits, please seek help. OR! why not embrace it, and get this banger on repeat.


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