Meet Australia’s Next Big Artist: Sycco

Sycco is stirring up big things in Australia’s indie pop scene. 
Josh Groom
December 13, 2022

Who is Sycco?

Sycco, aka Sasha McLeod (she/they) is a young First Nations indie pop star on the rise, making waves in Australia and around the globe. Hailing from Brisbane Australia, she started learning to play guitar and writing songs early in life at age seven, and would go on to create her first album by the age of fifteen.

Her debut single was released in 2018, and in the few years that she has been releasing music since then, she’s already amassed a huge amount of success. Sycco is a musician you want to keep an eye on!

Sycco 17/03/22 Oxford Art Factory Sydney

Albums and Singles

Sycco has a number of releases, eps, singles, and other material under her belt. She has released one full-length EP entitled Sycco's First EP. She has a number of singles released as well, including “Starboard Square,” “Peacemaker,” “Tamed Grief,” “Nicotine,” “Weakness,” “Superstar”, “Jinx,” and “Ripple.” Her track entitled “My Ways” off of Sycco's First EP peaked at number 26 on the New Zealand hot singles chart. 

To have that many people listen to the first ep release you ever created, is a huge accomplishment! That's just a testament to Sycco's playing, lyrics, and music. Her fans should bee proud, not every generation sees a young artist with the success and potential of Sycco.

Sycco Streaming

Although still extremely young in her music career, Sycco has built up an impressive amount of streams on Spotify. Her most streamed song on Spotify to date is “Dribble” which has surpassed 11.5 million streams, with other songs such as “Nicotine” nearly at 3 million, and “My Ways” and “Peacemaker” at over 2 million. 

Sycco's Awards and Nominations

Sycco has been nominated for a number of impressive awards for her music, including

Breakthrough Songwriter of the Year at the 2022 APRA Awards,

Breakthrough Independent Artist of the Year at the 2021 AIR Awards,

Best Independent Dance, Electronica or Club Single for "Weakness" (with Alice Ivy),

Unearthed Artist of the Year at the 2020 J Awards,

Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, and Film Clip of the Year at the 2021 National Indigenous Music Awards,

and Song of the Year and Pop Song of the Year for both “Dribble” and “My Ways” at the Queensland Music Awards in which she won all four nominations.

Award nominations like these don’t just pile up unless you have a very impressive talent, and Sycco certainly does! Whether it's performing, touring, releasing music, or raking in Spotify streams, Sycco seems to find success in whatever she does.

Sycco Touring

Sycco has completely sold out her first national tour around Australia. In 2022, she can be found supporting internationally famous acts such as Glass Animals, Tame Impala, and Dua Lipa!

That's how you know this is a woman with true talent! Despite only having released a handful of songs and one ep, she will be supporting some of the biggest artists in the world, live. Her music really is that good. If there was ever a good time to visit down under, it would be during Sycco's tour!

Other Accomplishments

You can find Sycco not only on streaming platforms, but in magazines and concert venues across Australia, America, and the world. According to her Spotify bio, she “has already appeared in Vogue, KCRW, Alt Press, NME, Billboard, Paper, Cool Hunting, Nylon, Paste, triple J, and others.”

These platforms only support artists with successful releases, amazing live shows, and serious talent. Thats's Sycco!

Sycco 17/03/22 Oxford Art Factory Sydney

Sycco on Moshcam

If you didn’t know Sycco before, don’t forget her now! Her live set from the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney is available to watch exclusively on Moshcam right now. Check it out, and become a fan of Sycco before she reaches international stardom!

Watch gig →
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