Dulcie: The Band You’ll Know Before They’re Famous

Dulcie, the all-female trio from Perth is Australia's next big thing.
Paige Billow
December 14, 2022

They've conquered the indie-pop sound, next they'll conquer stages across the world.

Who is Dulcie?

Dulcie is an all-female trio from Perth, Australia, and one of the freshest sounding young bands in the indie-pop scene. The band is made up of made up of vocals, keys, guitar, and 100% talent!

Who are the Members of Dulcie?

The members of Dulcie are Ashleigh Carr-White (age 23) on lead vocals and keys,  Saskia Brittain (age 22) on vocals and guitar, and Timieka Denton (age 21) on vocals and bass. They all started playing music early in life, which is reflected in their original writing, stellar singing, and instrumental talent.

The three artists met in 2018 while attending Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, (an accomplishment in itself), and after one jam session together the rest was history. They had the idea to form a band, and have gone on to play on stages across Australia and have released their own original music in the four years since the group formed.

Dulcie’s Music and Style

Despite being only a few years old, Dulcie has already carved out a fresh, distinct, and professional sound for themselves.

Their music has the pop sensibilities of Olivia Rodrigo, the chilled out vibes of Phoebe Bridgers, the indie energy of Ruel, all with deeper harmonies sprinkled in as the perfect cherry on top.

Dulcie's formal musical education at WAAPA (Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts) has helped them to to become accomplished and sophisticated writers of harmony, melody, rhythm, and lyrics. Combine that advanced musical knowledge with talented performers, and anything is possible!

On top of that, all of Dulcie's music has stellar production, unique and original songwriting, and melodies that will stay in your head for days. It won’t be long before Dulcie will be topping the charts.

Where can you Listen to Dulcie?

You can currently listen to Dulcie on a number of different streaming sites. Their music can be found on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and of course their live show from the Riverstage Brisbane is available on Moshcam!

Dulcie's Discography - Albums, Singles, and EPs

Dulcie’s discography features a handful of hit-making singles, and one four-track EP released in 2021 entitled Sake of Sound. The songs you'll find on this EP include titular track "Sake of Sound," "Ethereal," "Dust," and "Level Head."

Since the 2021 EP release, Dulcie has released three more successful singles. These songs include "Nothing Left," "Cold Hard Truth," and "tell ur friends."

Dulcie also released a handful of tracks early in their career, prior to their debut EP. These include "Fall," "Own Ground," and "Strangest Places," which features fellow Australian group Approachable Members of your Local Community.

Streaming Success

Dulcie's biggest streaming hit on Spotify so far entitled “Fall” was their first released single in 2019, and is just shy of 1,000,000 streams. Their next biggest hit with nearly 700k streams is “Strangest Places," another single from 2019, which features Approachable Members of Your Local Community. 

One of their more recent singles  “tell ur friends” was released just this year and already has over 200k streams. But if you want the genuine Dulcie experience, we recommend you watch their live set from the Riverstage in Brisbane.

Dulcie's Upcoming Shows and Tours

With talent like theirs it’s no surprise that Dulcie is in high demand. They’re supporting the group King Stingray on their Australian album tour all through October 2022! Dulcie will be stopping with them for multiple dates in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. If you want tickets you better check fast, as six shows are already completely sold out. 

Dulcie will also be playing shows in Western Australia in December 2022 with the group Hockey Dad. They’ll be hitting Margaret River on December 9th, and Dunsborough on December 10th. If you’re in town, these are shows you don’t want to miss! 

Dulcie on Moshcam

We know not everyone will be able to make Dulcie’s upcoming shows, but don’t worry, Moshcam has got your back. We have their entire live set available to watch from the Riverstage in Brisbane last February. Dive into their fresh indie-pop sound, and see for yourself why this is a group to keep an eye on. 

Watch gig →
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