Brooklyn at Hibernian: Samsaruh

A stunning acoustic performance by an incredible artist.
Josh Groom
August 10, 2019
Hibernian House

Those legends over at Brooklyn at Hibernian have been at it once more,  hosting the incredible Samsaruh this past Saturday as she flew through Sydney for the opening show of her current tour in support of her killer debut EP - 'Elysian.'   And damn... what a powerful voice!

Seriously, don't sleep on this artist - we're predicting she's going to be massive.

Here's the first breathtaking track from the set, "I Guess That Makes Two."

Here's the second stunning track, taken from the 'Elysian' EP - "Million Years."

And finally, the third and final track - "Glory Days."


Recorded at Brooklyn at Hibernian on 10/08/19 - 1:00pm

Created by - Josh Groom, Madeleine Milasas, Lachlan Stanley & Damien Stacey.

Latchy Music Location Recording Team:
Lachlan Stanley & Dan Howell.
Mixed and mastered by Lachlan Stanley at Latchy Music

Additional Camera - Peter Dovgan.

Still Photography - Four Minutes to Midnight

Special Thanks to Young Henry's.

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