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Alpha Wolf

A heavy metal master class. These guys, the latest addition to our World Stage project, lifted the energy levels through the roof. The last song of the night - and it (and the crowd) went off!

Factory Theatre


Exit Sign

Teenage Dads

Their most recent single and a perfect example of the great melodic hooks for which they're becoming justifiably recognised. Definitely an act on the rise and one worth getting to know - right now!

Hordern Pavilion



The Rubens (2022)

The lead track from the band's most recent studio album '0202' on which Triple J described them as continuing "to push and expand themselves creatively and sonically... [bringing] to life their infectious energy in a 12-track alt-pop, RnB, pop and hip hop infused record".

Enmore Theatre


Rave Down


From their second ever EP (and also included on their debut album 'Raise'), NME described it at the time as "a cyclone of wild, swollen riff machinery that sounds like it's been played with dislocated shoulder joints". So not a pop song then.

Metro Theatre


Back In Your Head

Tegan and Sara

One of the two great singles released from The Con album from 2007, it would be re-recorded by both Cyndi Lauper and Ryan Adams for the covers album 'The Con X: Covers' released in 2017 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of that album. Oh, and it's a damn fine song too!

Enmore Theatre


Forever Malcolm Young

Frenzal Rhomb

The title track from one of the best titled albums ever, it perfectly captures the sense of humour and irreverence which has always characterised this Australian punk outfit.

No Sleep Til Festival


Parlez-Vouz Francais?

Art vs Science

The breakout single for these guys. Released back in 2009, it came in at No 2 on Triple J's Hottest 100 for that year. It also attracted international attention, especially in the UK where it was featured in both Mixmag and on XFM.

Enmore Theatre


Love Signs

The Jungle Giants

The title track from their stunning 2021 album, this song encapsulates the sheer joy and energy The Jungle Giants brought to their long overdue return to the live stage - an amazing night before a capacity hometown crowd. Get your dancing shoes on and download the Moshcam app to watch the whole show. We've also got a review of this show and an interview in our blog with some amazing photos from the night.




Gary Numan (2011)

One of the many great genre defining songs from his debut album 'The Pleasure Principle' (and it was hard to choose just one!), M.E. was slightly overshadowed by the massive hit that was 'Cars' - but what song wouldn't be?

Enmore Theatre


Solid Ground

Maps & Atlases

Taken from their great debut album 'Perch Patchwork', Pitchfork (which rated the album a 7.4 on release) described this song as foregoing "complicated instrumental lines in favour of layered production, where guitar, bass, and voice contribute only a fraction of the song's many earworms".