Josh Pyke: Studio Session

16 min 1 sec

Josh Pyke, live at Moshcam HQ in , AU. Recorded December 4, 2015.

Josh Pyke invited us into his man cave private studio where we spoke about the inspiration behind latest album, But For All These Shrinking Hearts, as well as his connection with Interpol. We were given a rendition of ‘Slow Hands’ by the NYC group, as well as original track, ‘Be Your Boy’.

Producer: David Goldschmidt & Mark Royters
Cameras: Adam David-Powell & Michael Thompson
Audio Engineer: Gareth Stuckey
Interviewer: Jacob Burkett

About Josh Pyke

Pyke signed to Australian indie label Ivy League Records in 2005 and his first release on the label was a mini-album entitled Feeding the Wolves. It features the single "Middle of the Hill", as well as second single "Private Education". Josh toured early in 2005 with Jebediah frontman, Bob Evans, aka Kevin Mitchell. Feeding the

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