The Story Behind Plini’s Exceptional Guitar Playing  

Plini and his exceptional guitar playing behind the scene.
Paige Billow
December 15, 2022

Plini brought his four piece band to the Forum in Melbourne last June as part of his Australian tour, but what’s the story behind the artist?  

Who is Plini?

So who is Plini? Australian guitarist Plini (aka Plini Roessler-Holgate), specializes in instrumental rock fusion, prog-rock, metal, and blowing minds. His astounding technique and groundbreaking use of rhythm, harmony, and phrasing have quickly made him one of the most well known prog rock guitar players out there. His progressive music is rhythmically and harmonically deep, exciting, and it's no wonder that his career has taken off.

Virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai has even called Plini “the future of exceptional guitar playing.” Now that's a title no one would use lightly, but take one listen to Plini’s exceptional guitar playing and you’ll see what he means. 

Plini @ Metro, 5/19/18 | Plini performing at Metro Chicago o… | Flickr

Albums and other Releases 

Plini has built an impressive discography in his career, and since 2011 has released two full studio albums (debut album Handmade Cities and latest album Impulse Voices), released six EPs (Pastures, Other Things, Sweet Nothings, I, The End of Everything, and Sunhead), and released a myriad of singles, contribution, and other essential tracks.  

Plini's Artist Influences

You don’t become a genre-bending virtuoso without listening to other great musicians (such as Steve Vai), and Plini’s list of influences certainly shows that. He lists some of his biggest musical inspirations and influences, guitarists or otherwise, as John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan, Joe Satriani, Periphery, and Tigran Hamasyan.

With names like these it’s no wonder Plini has found an international following of fans, many of whom see him as their own musical inspiration. 

Plini's Influences and Progressive Music

Plini's forward thinking and progressive music is influenced by a number of genres. You can hear Plini play hints of metal, rock, prog-rock, fusion, and even elements of jazz in every song, album, and live performance.

It's a seamless blend of genres like this that makes Plini such a forward thinking and groundbreaking guitarist. Every album, song, record, and release show off Plini's impressive guitar playing. If you haven't heard Plini play on a recording or live on stage, add it to your to-do list!

_Puggy Acoustic Session for -A la Francaise- @ Café Central Bruxelles-7712

Plini's Awards 

Aside from being a master of melody, guru of guitar, and father of fusion, Plini has a few major accolades in his guitar playing career to be proud of. In 2018, he was nominated as “Live Guitarist of the Year” at the National Live Music Awards (NLMAs) in Australia.

Based on the music Plini has released and the sound of his playing, we image it won't be long before Plini wins more awards not just in Australia, but all over the world. Speaking of the world, Plini has toured the world and shared his guitar playing internationally.

Plini's Tours

Plini has been on multiple tours all over the world, including an Australian tour, Asian tour, European tour, and a United States tour.  For someone who is so melodically, rhythmically and harmonically deep, it's no wonder that Plini has played his songs on stages all over the world.

Plini's Custom Guitar

You may have also noticed the very unique look of Plini’s guitar. Plini actually has his own custom Artist Signature guitar with Strandberg guitars, called the “Boden Plini Edition Neck - Thru Natural.” For a payment of nearly five thousand dollars and a bit of a wait (it’s so high in demand that it’s currently out-of-stock) this guitar could be yours! 

But remember it's not the guitar that will make you play like Plini, it's hours of practicing that make you one of the finest guitar players in Australia, and the world. However we do admit, playing music sounds a lot more fun when you're doing it with a cool custom guitar like Plini's!

Plini's Internet Presence

Plini has his own online masterclass available on, a YouTube channel with over 225,000 subscribers, and videos with literally millions of views.

Prog Frog Festival: Haken, Plini et tous leurs amis à Aarau – Blog à part

What Else Should I Know About Plini? 

So, what else should you know about Plini? Well, good news! Plini is currently on a world tour in Asia and Europe, so you might have the chance to see him. His full tour schedule is on his website, and in the coming weeks Plini will be visiting countries like India, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Don’t live near any of those places? Have no fear! Plini’s entire live set from the Forum in Melbourne is available to watch in full on Moshcam. Enjoy Plini's shredding, melodic set of sound, and be sure to check back every week for a new artist and a new show, right here on

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