DMA’S: Studio Session



Hitting shelves in February 2016, DMA’S debut album, Hills End started as a studio project that wasn’t even necessarily meant be heard live. Eventually word spread of these catchy-brit-pop-ish tunes (so much so they were signed before playing a single show) and people everywhere wanted to see Matt Mason, Tommy O’Dell, and Johnny Took hit the tour circuit.

Having been on the road non-stop, the world’s eternally grateful the trio got their tracks ready for the stage, and thus ready for Moshcam HQ.

In a Moshcam exclusive, this was the first time DMA’S played ‘Step Up The Morphine’ in a live setting. Enjoy!

Video Credits

Director / Editor: Josh Groom
Cameras: Josh Groom, Michael Thompson, Billy Zammitt
Interviewer: Jacob Burkett
Audio Engineer: Daniel Antix

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