Young Henrys Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus



Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the most exciting show on earth – the Young Henry’s Rock & Roll Circus.

Folks step right this way.

There are musical creatures abound of magnificent splendour. You will not believe your eyes and senses as we present to you some of the world’s rarest kinklers together with some of the finest libations.

The amazing and fantabulous Bar Flying Circus Band was led by Andy Kent and Davey Lane (You Am I) together with Brock Fitzgerald and Wade Keighran (Wolf And Cub). The infamous Frankies stage served as a revolving door for some of our favourite Australian artists – performing some all-time favourites, culminating in a joyous charivari.

So grab your scram bag and view what was an amicable night of beer and ballyhoo. A no-holds-barred, free entry party that celebrated the fun side of music and booze.

Performances from the night included:
Phil Jamieson (Grinspoon), Jeremy Davidson (the Snowdroppers), Tom Tilley, Kirsty Tickle (The John Steel Singers), Al Grigg (Palms), Charles Rushford (FLOWERTRUCK).


Young Henrys

Video Credits

Director/Editor: Josh Groom
Producer: Peter Stevens
Cameras: Josh Groom, Pete Dovgan, Damien Stacey, Michael Thompson, Samuel Vines
Recorded By Gigpiglet
Audio: Gareth Stuckey


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