The Aston Shuffle

1 hrs 20 min 43 sec

The Aston Shuffle, live at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney, AU. Recorded August 15, 2014.



Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory – August 18, 2014

Canberra duo The Aston Shuffle might be their own toughest critics, but realness is not something they have to worry about. From the hands-in-the-air glory of ‘Tear It Down’, through to ‘Restart’ helmed by rock heiress Lila Gold, and beyond, latest release Photographs is a record that sounds unquestionably honest and undeniably like something that only Vance and Mikah could have produced.

Watch the boys stomp through their full Oxford Art Factory set now!


About The Aston Shuffle

With a career spanning almost a decade, Vance Musgrove and Mikah Freeman, the men behind the Canberra electronic dance act The Aston Shuffle have become unofficial flag bearers for dance music Down Under. Latest release Photographs, a visceral, triumphant collection of classic dance numbers, took the boys over two years to make. Boasting collaborations galore

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