36 min 43 sec

Nostalghia, live at Metro Theatre in Sydney, AU. Recorded February 25, 2014.



“Nostalghia is punk before it was punk: bohemian, DIY and a sponge to the sounds of the world. This two-piece are like a modern musical Shakti and Shiva – twin primal feminine and masculine energies destroying and re-creating music anew .” Beat Magazine

Best described as, naked beneath lights, NOSTALGHIA transports the audience into a cathartic dimension, riding the universal waves of feeling, intensity, and passion; a journey and movement into the unknown, a spiritual transcendence, and a place where all walks of life can connect to the global understanding of love, pain, struggle, and triumph.

About Nostalghia

Nostalghia music is best described in palate form— a vulnerable outpour of an elemental, emotional landscape married to a cinema of sound, birthing what is now coined by fans as "post-apocalyptic gypsy punk." The vulnerable-behind-the-veil, intimate and yet expansive sound of Nostalghia draws comparisons to artists ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Bjork, yet it

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