Hot Chip: Live in Sydney

Hot Chip, live at Enmore Theatre in Sydney, AU. Recorded January 8, 2013.



They’ve been called everything from the UK’s answer to Devo to geeky Londoners in cardigans. But one thing everyone can agree on is Hot Chip can put on one of the best live dance parties around. And that’s exactly what Hot Chip did in Sydney earlier this month: delivered a fierce onslaught of infectious synth-pop perfection at disorientating speed to the eager crowd at the Enmore.
Within seconds of wonky pop opener ‘Shake A Fist’, Hot Chip had the entire crowd in a euphoric state with their sheer energy and enthusiasm. Boosted by their extra weapon — drummer Sarah Jones of New Young Pony Club — the five plus one smashed out ruthlessly catchy hits like ‘Boy from School’, ‘One Life Stand’ and even threw in a cheeky, brilliantly executed cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’.
Experiencing that floor shaking, anthemic freakout during the chorus of that cymbal-banging monkey gem ‘Over And Over’ was worth the price of admission alone. But don’t fret if you didn’t make it to the show; from today you can watch the gig in the comfort of your own rave cave. Get your glow-sticks at the ready and prepare to dance!

About Hot Chip

Since 2004, Hot Chip has released a string of ambitious and creatively bold albums of soulful, lyrical and melodic electronic pop. The collective creative talents of Joe Goddard, Alexis Taylor, Felix Martin, Al Doyle and Owen Clarke have led to a stellar catalogue now stretching to five albums and several standout singles including mega dance

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