Cannibal Corpse

1 hrs 17 min 50 sec

Cannibal Corpse, live at Metro Theatre in Sydney, AU. Recorded October 6, 2012.



As pioneering veterans of the illustrious Florida death metal scene that gathered sway in the late ‘80s, Cannibal Corpse are known as much for their carnival-of-horrors imagery as the full-bodied carnage of the music itself. With nauseatingly graphic cover art that rarely evades the censor’s eye and song titles informed by the motives of horror movie villains, it’s easy enough to imagine what you might be getting yourself into with the band’s live show. Watch it if you dare!

About Cannibal Corpse

When it comes to combining unrestrained maliciousness, involving song writing and technical precision Cannibal Corpse have no equal. Formed in Buffalo, NY in 1988, Cannibal Corpse helped found, manipulate and transcend the very boundaries of death metal beginning with the scandalously controversial debut, Eaten Back To Life. Raising the eyebrows of inquisitive metal fans and

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