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Fishbone, live at Independent in Los Angeles, US. Recorded March 23, 2012.



“San Francisco smells good tonight! I like that incense y'all burnin’! Ride on!”
Fishbone may have formed in the ghettos of South Central L.A back in the late '70s, but damn, that heavy duty ska-funk juggernaut is still running red hot. If anything, sax-touting, hat-loving vocalist Angelo Moore is groovin' harder than ever, while the grinding rhythms of slap-bass master Norwood Fisher are being pumped out with enough frantic energy to make even the most hardcore punk-rockers sound more like a show band.
Trailblazing their way through funk, hard-rock, punk ska and soul for the past three decades, and heroes to everyone from Primus and Jane's Addiction to Gwen Stefani, the seven-piece are often imitated but never duplicated. These cool cats know how to bring it, and they sure brought 'it' when we filmed them at The Independent in San Francisco.
Now celebrating 25 groundbreaking years, Fishbone have toured worldwide with such bands as the Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Roots, Les Claypool/Primus, Fela Kuti, George Clinton, The Dead Kennedys and many more. Angelo Moore’s ability to combine thought-provoking, humorous social commentary with Fishbone’s frenzied, up-tempo music and frantic, euphorically entertaining stage show has cultivated their undisputed reputation as one of the best live acts in music history.
Now in their 25th year of composing, creating, recording, releasing and performing original music together, mass critical appeal appears to be returning to the band, fueled by their critically acclaimed full-length feature documentary; Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone. Narrated by Laurence Fishburne, the film earned LA Weekly’s Critic’s Choice Award at the Los Angeles Film Fest in 2010.

About Fishbone

Fishbone is a U.S. alternative rock band formed in 1979 in Los Angeles, California, which plays a fusion of ska, punk rock, funk, hard rock and soul. Critics have noted of the band: “Fishbone was one of the most distinctive and eclectic alternative rock bands of the late ’80s. With their hyperactive, self-conscious diversity, goofy

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