PJ Harvey

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PJ Harvey, live at Sydney Festival: State Theatre in Sydney, AU. Recorded January 19, 2012.

Forget England, PJ Harvey had Sydney shaking with her stunning State Theatre performance earlier this year. It was the Sydney Festival show that had everyone talking, a riveting spectacle of an artist at her most inventive and emotive.
Starkly lit and bereft of backdrops, her set drew deeply on her latest album ‘Let England Shake’, a glorious, at times brutal record dedicated to her homeland and the wars that have defined it. Its power has been matched only by the praise it received, with the likes of NME, Los Angeles Times and The Guardian awarding it a perfect score.
Backed by her impressive band including Mick Harvey, John Parish and Jean-Marc Butty behind her, it’s a magnetic show with the soul siren channeling new works like ‘The Words That Maketh The Murder’ and ‘The Last English Rose’ alongside timeless cuts including ‘Down By The Water’, ‘C’mon Billy’ and ‘Angelene’. She’s a force of nature so prepare to be blown away!

About PJ Harvey

British singer and songwriter PJ Harvey was introduced to music at an early age and began writing songs as a teenager and joined with bassist Steve Vaughn and drummer Robert Ellis to create PJ Harvey in 1991. She is best known for her wide range of musical styles, exploring rock, electronica and folk. Outside of

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