Diesel & Nathan Cavaleri Talk B.B. King

There aren’t many guitarists more qualified to talk about B.B. King than Diesel and Nathan Cavaleri.

Diesel won three straight ARIA, Male Artist of the Year Awards from ’93 to ’95, and has an expansive history of recording and producing all over the world. Fronting Johnny Diesel and the Injectors is just one of many projects the multi instrumentalist is known for, with his latest work being studio album, Americana released in July of this year.

Meanwhile, at just 9 Nathan Cavaleri had played with Mark Knopfler and by 13 had shared a stage with B.B. King himself. The blues guitarist was touring the world at 12 and there wasn’t too much left to achieve. After some time off music, Cavaleri’s instantly recognisable, signature sound is back.

We gave the pair a couple of Gibson guitars and let them trade stories on the impact of B.B. King.

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