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As a result of social distancing, many photographers have lost their main income source and face an uncertain future whilst on lockdown.

Many of us are suffering financially.

This crisis has hit hard – especially for those who do their work amidst sweaty crowds of music fans – capturing those iconic images of the artists we love.

In response, a collective have created a website for some of the most talented music photographers in the country to showcase their work and generate income through the direct sale of prints. Most of these images have never been made available before and we reckon they would look great hanging on your walls!!

Click on the link below to check out these amazing images – any purchase will make a huge difference and you might just find the perfect gift for yourself or that music lover in your life.

We had a quick chat with each of the photographers involved in the project –

Here’s part seven of the series…

Bruce Baker: I started taking photos as a teenager, and developing them in a home-made darkroom under the house. After a bit of a hiatus and a stint living overseas my partner and I started ramping up the number of gigs we were going to in Sydney. Over the course of a year, we were going to 2-3 gigs a week on average, and I rediscovered my love for photography, so started taking my camera along. You are more likely to find me at The Newsagency or The Landsdowne, than at a stadium gig so taking a camera along was usually never a problem. It provides a memory trail of gigs we have been to.

I used to peer over the barrier (we like to stand near the front) and would enviously spy the regulars shooting, like Peter Dovgan, Josh Groom and crew. I wanted to be on that side of the barrier, so ended up finding an outlet to shoot for (the AU review). The rush of trying to find ‘the shot’ in that first 3 songs we get to shoot is omnipresent.

Ten questions with Bruce

Question 1. First band you saw live?

Bruce: Hoodoo Gurus at the San Miguel in Cammeray, 1984. Dave Faulkner had a lot of hair in those days – and it looked like it had been in a Van der Graaf Generator – it was long and pointing to the ceiling. The PA kept shorting, they have always been LOUD, and they were ‘this close’ from pulling the pin on the gig, but fortunately it behaved itself and I was hooked from that point on.

Question 2. Favourite Venue?

Bruce:  Metro Theatre

Question 3. Dead or Alive who would be your dream shoot?

Bruce:  The Rolling Stones at Altamont, 1969. That bill had the added bonus of Crosby, Stills Nash and Young, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Jefferson Airplane and Santana.

Question 4. What was your first published live music photo?

Bruce:  Harpoons at the Brighton Up Bar

Question 5. All time favourite gig you have photographed?

Bruce:  So many, hard to choose, but The Cribs at the Lansdowne in 2018 was right up there. My partner and gig-buddy got the last spare ticket, and I was lucky enough to get a photographers pass. It was sold out, and the crowd, mostly poms were right up for it. It was wild – at one point I was lying on the floor still shooting away. People were getting up on the stage to stage dive, and this MASSIVE bouncer would amble over and give them a gentle caress/shove off stage. It was great fun, the band were awesome and in one of my favourite venues.

Question 6. Who is your favourite photographer any genre?

Bruce:  Richard Avedon-

Question 7. What is your current guilty pleasure?

Bruce:  Wine, drinking it, collecting it

Question 8. If you met Scomo would you shake his hand or egg him?

Bruce:  A dozen free-range

Question 9. Lock down challenge! What new skill will you learn?

Bruce:  Photoshop hopefully. Not going well so far,

Question 10. If the world ended tomorrow what would be your last meal?

Bruce:  Bugger the food, it’ll be all about the wine

Check out

You can check out all Bruce’s images on the links below.

Please check out the website – have a look around and if you’d like to purchase an image or see more of the photographer’s work – simply click on the photo and follow the prompts.

You’ll be making a significant difference to a photographer in lockdown.

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