Brooklyn at Hibernian: I Know Leopard


Our good friends over at Brooklyn at Hibernian invited the very excellent I Know Leopard in for a gorgeous Sunday afternoon session.

Here’s the first dreamy track from the set, “Everything Goes With You.”


“This is the closest the album gets to a ballad. It was also our big Electric Light Orchestra moment. I grew up listening to and obsessing over all their records so it was great to finally get that out of my system. The song is actually written about Rosie, who plays bass in the band and who I am currently in a relationship with.” – Luke O’Loughlin.

Here’s the second track, which infectiously bops along, resonating with echoes of Abba, Wings and The Doobie Brothers – “Seventy Lies.”


“For a long time I was getting far too good at presenting a fabricated version of myself that only lead to hurting and disappointing others down the track and in turn further alienating and hurting myself. Lyrically this song centres on this idea but in line with the rest of the record, it’s presented against a pretty whimsical backdrop.” – Luke O’Loughlin.

The final song from the set is the opening track from the new album, “Landmine.”


“Around the time Landmine was written I was feeling paralysed by the fear of heartbreak and couldn’t bring myself to actively seek out new love or allow myself to get too close to anyone. In my head I likened it to venturing out onto a minefield as heartbreak is kind of like this ticking time bomb that all of us will inevitably set off at one point or another in our lives.” – Luke O’Loughlin.

The band have just released a stunning new album, “Love is a Landmine,” ( produced by The Preatures’ Jack Moffit ) and are about to hit the road for a nationwide tour.

For tour dates and ticket information, get over to the band’s website ASAP – they are selling out fast!



Recorded LIVE at Brooklyn at Hibernian on 05/05/19 – 4:00pm

Created by – Josh Groom, Madeleine Milasas, Lachlan Stanley & Damien Stacey.

Def Wolf Location Recording Team
Daniel Antix & Mark Matula
Mixed and mastered by Daniel Antix at Def Wolf Studios

Additional Camera – Peter Dovgan.

Still Photography – Four Minutes to Midnight

Special Thanks to Young Henry’s.

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