A few weeks back, Rackett dropped by Zen Studios for an exclusive studio session.

Their live shows are legendary – wildly energetic, infectious and ferocious – so we knew this would be something special.  They did not disappoint.  Needless to say, they blew our lofty expectations out of the water.

Performing three tracks from their new EP – “I Please Myself,” “Kiss It Better,” & “FU,” they left nothing to the imagination.

Here’s the first track from the session – “I Please Myself.”


Here’s the second track, “Kiss It Better.”


…and the third and final track, “FU.”


Listen to the full EP –



Director – Josh Groom

Camera – James O’Connor, Jared Leibowitz, Peter Dovgan & Josh Groom

Dynamic Lighting – Damien Stacey

Audio Record – Tim Newsom & Will Berryman

Audio Master – Will Berryman & Rebecca Callander

Editor – Josh Groom


A Moshcam Production, 2018.

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