Here’s What Went Down at Radiohead’s Live Stream


We hit Red Eye Records and Mojo Record Bar in Sydney today for Radiohead‘s A Moon Shaped Pool launch event. Fans flocked to stores across the world to pick up copies of the band’s ninth album on vinyl, and to see what the mysterious event would offer. Always loving to tease their fans until the last possible moment, little was known about the event before it kicked off at 11am on Friday.

The biggest draw of the day was a five hour long live stream which included curated tracks from Thom Yorke (lead singer), Colin Greenwood (bass) and Ed O’Brien (guitar), a selection of tracks from “The Radiohead Vaults” and, most excitingly, an exclusive live recording of the band performing in London last month. The gig, which can be heard below, featured a variety of cuts from the new album as well as fan favourites like ‘Pyramid Song’, ‘Airbag’ and ‘Kid A’.

(Spoilers) Live from AMSP full tracklist including playlists from Ed & Colin from radiohead

Fans were also given a ‘How To Create Your Own Moon Shaped Pool Artwork’ pamphlet from the band’s artist Stanley Donwood and entered in a draw to win prizes like figurines from the ‘Burn the Witch’ music video, screenprints of Stanley Donwood’s artwork and 35mm film prints of the ‘Daydreaming’ music video. 

All in all, it was an exciting day for Radiohead fans, and further proof that the band truly know how to reward their fans, and get a frenzy going around whatever they choose to do.

Here’s our live stream of the day, head to our Facebook page to read peoples first thoughts.

Plenty more listening sessions will be kicking off around the world soon…



You can also now listen to the whole album on Spotify.



We were also keen to see what fans thought of the album, and how it compared to the band’s earlier work


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