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11 Lyricists Who Deserve A Nobel Prize In Literature

With songwriter Bob Dylan picking up the the Nobel Prize for Literature, we started to wonder if any other lyricists are worthy.

8 Drummers Who Can Actually Sing

"Beautiful voice" and "person who hits drums" don't often get used in the same sentence, but that doesn't mean it never happens

The 14 Best Ever B-Sides & Hidden Tracks

You won't find these songs listen on the back of an album, but they should be

10 Terrible Songs On Great Albums

We may just have to lower their grades to an A-

10 Bands Who Hate Their Biggest Hits

The musical equivalent of a love-hate relationship

The Beatles’ Abbey Road Revisited

Not surprisingly, Abbey Road remains to this day one of the most loved and respected albums of all time.

10 Most Iconic Drum Tracks

Can you keep in time?

The Best and Worst Performances At The Olympics

With the Rio Olympics well underway, we look back over the performances that have stood the time, and the others we've tried to forget...

12 Heavy Covers of Slow Songs

Are they better than the originals?

Our Music Memorabilia Wishlist

Got some spare money sitting around?

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