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Tash Sultana // Lachlan Douglas

“I was up on the open side of her setup to get a less obstructed angle. I had a long lens on to look for some tight facial expressions. Tash exploded from her position out towards me on the way to the front of the stage for some crowd interaction. This is the moment that she

Port Macquarie Gets Suitably Rowdy for Festival of the Sun

Featuring Gang of Youths, Smith Street Band, Dune Rats and more

Tash Sultana

Photographer – Britt Andrews

Tash Sultana // Britt Andrews

“This was my first time seeing Tash Sultana, but I’d heard nothing but good things about her. It was an extremely hot day, and Tash was playing just as the storm clouds came over. It pissed down rain shortly after her set. She was standing on the stage in front of two microphones. I had this shot

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