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Essential Albums From 2001

Did the 21st century peak to early?

Slipknot // Matt Allan

“Being in that photo pit right before the lights dimmed was like being in a lion’s den right before they toss in the carcass. The anticipation was incredible and you could just sense that something awesome was about to happen.” Publication: Metal Obsession Gear: Canon 1DMK2, with a Canon 28-70mm f/2.8 lens Post Process: There were initial tweaks


Photographer – Bobby Rein

Slipknot // Bobby Rein

“It was the first time I had shot at BEC before and it was a great venue, huge pit and Slipknot had such a massive production on offer. The stage was super deep, the lights very impressive, and I would have captured this shot in their third song, ‘Eyeless’. It was the perfect op. to

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