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2016, Our Album & Gig Highlights So Far

We pick our favourite gig and album of the year so far, with a special mention to what we're looking forward to.

NBA Draft Top 5, Most Influential Bands From Each City

We look at the musical influences of the luckiest draft cities and states

Fans React To ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’

We hit Radiohead's album launch to see what fans think of the new album

Wall of Sound With Letlive’s Ryan Johnson

The bassist picks his 5 favourite albums of the year so far

Here’s What Went Down at Radiohead’s Live Stream

We hit Red Eye Records and Mojo Record Bar in Sydney today for Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool launch event

LIVE STREAM: Radiohead’s Worldwide Album Launch

Unable to make the album launch? We'll be coming to you live from Red Eye Records, Sydney at 12 noon

6 Massive Songs Hit With Plagiarism Lawsuits

Do these sound familiar?

Radiohead’s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ Track Origins

The new Radiohead album isn't as new as you think...

We Live Tweeted our First Listen of Radiohead’s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’

The honest reactions of a Radiohead fanatic

Radiohead’s Albums Ranked 9-1

Radiohead may re-invent their sound on every album, but do all of them work?

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