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Syd Barrett: The Making Of The Elusive Frontman’s Sophomore Album

Few artists have captured the imagination in such a short period of time quite like the former Pink Floyd frontman did

11 Lyricists Who Deserve A Nobel Prize In Literature

With songwriter Bob Dylan picking up the the Nobel Prize for Literature, we started to wonder if any other lyricists are worthy.

Top 10 Slow Guitar Solos

Get your lighter out for these bad boys.

Wish You Were Here: Pink Floyd And The Tragic Tale Of Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett remained an influence to Pink Floyd long after leaving the band.

24 Of The Best Bass Intros

Who ever said opening with a bit of bass wasn't constructive?

32 Bass Players Who Also Handle The Vocals

Now they really are following the bassist.

7 Secret Stories from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon

Did you know Paul McCartney nearly featured on the album?

The 11 Biggest Music Beefs in Rock History

Love at first sight can occasionally evolve into something dark and scary.

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