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Noel Gallagher Admits Oasis Shouldn’t Have Made Be Here Now

The Oasis songwriter reflects on the band's ill-received third album

10 Great Songs on Terrible Albums

Cut the Crap - here's a list of ten hot tunes from not-so-hot records.

10 Bands Who Hate Their Biggest Hits

The musical equivalent of a love-hate relationship

13 Lefties Who Taught Themselves To Play Right-Handed

That feeling when you can't find a left handed guitar, so you're forced to learn right handed.

The Best and Worst Performances At The Olympics

With the Rio Olympics well underway, we look back over the performances that have stood the time, and the others we've tried to forget...

16 Bands That Peaked With Their Debut Album

Why sprint at the start of a marathon? Maybe because you're so goddamn excited...

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