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Metallica Worldwired Australian Tour 2019

It’s official. The biggest metal band on the planet is returning down under – and they’re bringing with them those masked ghouls of discordant mayhem – Slipknot. The Worldwired Tour will be the first time Metallica has been in the country since they headlined the massive Soundwave 2013, on a line-up that also featured the

5 Weird Collaboration Albums That Actually Worked

These only sound weird on paper

The Best Metal Riffs of 2016

Air guitars at the ready

Metallica: Hardwired… to Self-Sabotage?

It’s glorious! It’s spectacular! It’s the album fans have been waiting for them to make for the better part of three decades! … Well, the first half is anyway.

7 Metal Double Albums That Didn’t Work

When you should've just stuck to one CD...

The Hours Before & 30 Years After: Remembering Cliff Burton

It was a freak accident, with an even scarier lead up.

10 Most Iconic Drum Tracks

Can you keep in time?

The 7 Best Albums of 1991

A quarter century on, we look back at the best releases from 1991.

The 11 Best Nick Cave Covers

To celebrate the release of his latest album, we look back over 11 covers which actually did the Prince of Darkness justice.

24 Of The Best Bass Intros

Who ever said opening with a bit of bass wasn't constructive?

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