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Led Zeppelin’s “IV” Turns 45 Years Old: The Making Of A Classic

"There was more than a mere million bucks at stake in whatever they did; there was their entire future."

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Led Zeppelin II

Released 47 years ago today, plenty has been said about II, but here are 10 things you don't know.

The 17 Best Gibson Guitarists

Get ready to feel bad about your own skills...

10 Terrible Songs On Great Albums

We may just have to lower their grades to an A-

10 Bands Who Hate Their Biggest Hits

The musical equivalent of a love-hate relationship

Led Zeppelin’s Best Drum Tracks

5 pieces of compelling evidence that John Bonham was the greatest rock drummer of all time.

10 Most Iconic Drum Tracks

Can you keep in time?

Top 10 Slow Guitar Solos

Get your lighter out for these bad boys.

Robert Plant’s Connection With The Devil Himself!

Robert Plant, or Satan? You decide.

6 Massive Songs Hit With Plagiarism Lawsuits

Do these sound familiar?

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