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Top 14 Musicians with the Initials J.B.

From Justin Bieber to Jeff Beck, see where we rank the all-time greats with the initials J.B. Do you agree?

Q&A With The Man Who Discovered & Signed Jeff Buckley: Steve Berkowitz

Whilst at Columbia Records, Steve Berkowitz wandered inside the Sin-e Cafe and discovered Jeff Buckley

A Rose Between Thorns: Jeff Buckley

How was it that during this time of post-punk mayhem, a singer with a voice higher than most female opera leads was able to break the mould?

The 11 Most Mysterious Deaths In Music

Whether it was an accidental suicide, an out-of-character overdose, or a ham sandwich - we’re not quite sure

The Top 12 Albums by Artists Who Only Released One

Oh how we'd love to get a second release from one of these acts

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