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Bluesfest’s 2016 Acts Reveal Their Essential Road Trip Tunes

Your playlist can either make of break a road trip, so listen up and take notes. The acts at Bluesfest 2016 are on hand to help out.

Graham Nash Reflects On The Joint That Brought Crosby, Stills & Nash Together

What Song Would You Play If You Were Told The World Was About To End

We feel it's very important to prepare musicians for the unlikely scenario. Some of these answers would be very fitting, others leave us dazed and confused...

5 Best Acts at Bluesfest 2016

Featuring Kendrick Lamar, The National, Graham Nash, Eagles of Death Metal and The Cat Empire

Bluesfest Day #2 – The Wrap

Featuring The National, Tweedy, Graham Nash and more

7 Lessons from Graham Nash

Graham Nash talks to us about drugs, Woodstock and how fucked up the world is right now

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