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Q&A With The Shins

We spoke about Heartworms and how the band are actually dropping two new albums this year

The Wet, Windy & Wonderful Unify Festival

It rain and it poured, but we sang and we danced anyway

Modern Baseball & Camp Cope Will Go Down As That Show You Wish You Were At

Has 2017 already peaked?

Staff Picks: The Best Tracks of 2016

2016 wasn't all bad

The Best Punk Albums of 2016

Punk's not dead

2016’s 10 Best ‘Like A Version’ Covers

The best covering the best

The Killers’ Christmas Singles Ranked

'Tis the season to listen to The Killers

Why ‘Supergroup’ Is Not A Dirty Word

No matter what you may think, Supergroups have accounted for some of the greatest acts in rock and roll history

10 Artists Who Were M.I.A. In 2016

It’s no secret that 2016 has been a relatively quiet year in the realm of popular alternative and rock music. Although this year has almost come and gone without much contribution from some of music’s heavy-hitters, that only makes for more to look forward to in the following year. Here are 10 such artists who haven’t

The Significant Six of ‘06

Was 2006 the best year for music in the 21st century?

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