2016 in Review: 50 Essential Photos

Recap the best live music moments of 2016 in 50 photos


Photographer – Charlyn Cameron

Deftones // Charlyn Cameron

“I shot Deftones before and kind of knew what to expect. I wanted to get a photo of Chino mid-air, and when I missed the first opportunity I thought I missed my chance. Second time round I was very lucky. I was at the right place.” Publication: Loud Online Gear: Canon 6D, with a 16-35 L Lens Post

Deftones Treat Sydney Fans To The New & Old

This show made it more than apparent as to why Deftones are regarded as not only a great studio band, but an incredible live act.

Deftones’ world of cover versions

Below we have compiled the best selections of their covers, ranging from New Romantic/Goth Pop to 50's Surf rock, and even frontman Chino playing acoustic in a volcano.

The 14 Best Ever B-Sides & Hidden Tracks

You won't find these songs listen on the back of an album, but they should be

Signature Brews – 9 Times Bands and Booze Met

Violent Soho aren't the first band to do it, and surely wont be the last.

10 Nu Metal Albums Worth Your Time

The genre often divides fans, but here are 10 releases that can surely bring everyone together.

12 Heavy Covers of Slow Songs

Are they better than the originals?

Best Metal Releases of 2016… So Far

Metal still remains one of the most innovative and ever changing beasts in music

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