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The Best Music Videos of 2016

Great for your eyes and ears

2016’s Best Musical Tributes to David Bowie and Prince

Examining the incredible legacy they leave behind

11 Lyricists Who Deserve A Nobel Prize In Literature

With songwriter Bob Dylan picking up the the Nobel Prize for Literature, we started to wonder if any other lyricists are worthy.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About David Bowie’s Space Oddity

41 years ago, David Bowie released his first single, 'Space Oddity'—It was a song that launched both a spaceship and a career.

10 Great Songs on Terrible Albums

Cut the Crap - here's a list of ten hot tunes from not-so-hot records.

12 Best TV Cameos by Musicians

Who wouldn't want to be sung Happy Birthday by The Ramones?!

13 Lefties Who Taught Themselves To Play Right-Handed

That feeling when you can't find a left handed guitar, so you're forced to learn right handed.

24 Of The Best Bass Intros

Who ever said opening with a bit of bass wasn't constructive?

15 Of The Best Movie Cameos By Musicians

Acting may not be their cup of tea, but if music doesn't work out...

8 Biggest Musical Comebacks

The Avalanches are back after a 16 year hiatus, but how does that rank amongst other musical comebacks?

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