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2016 in Review: 50 Essential Photos

Recap the best live music moments of 2016 in 50 photos

11 Lyricists Who Deserve A Nobel Prize In Literature

With songwriter Bob Dylan picking up the the Nobel Prize for Literature, we started to wonder if any other lyricists are worthy.

Where My Ladies At? Females Fit For Any Festival

A lot has been said about the lack of female acts in festival line-ups, so we've done the research for future programmers

Splendour’s Final Day 3 Had The Perfect Lineup

Tired bodies and hungover heads pushed through the pain for Splendour's day 3

12 Most Anticipated Splendour Moments

Check my heartbeat when these moments go down. I'll be aiming for a PB.

2016, Our Album & Gig Highlights So Far

We pick our favourite gig and album of the year so far, with a special mention to what we're looking forward to.

9 Acts MTV Unplugged Need To Call ASAP

Upon hearing that MTV Unplugged is returning to a TV near you, we've gone and pinpointed the 10 acts that the station needs to call. Stat.

APRAS 2016: San Cisco Cover Courtney Barnett

San Cisco cover Courtney Barnett’s ‘Pedestrian at Best’ at the 2016 APRA Awards

Elevator Operator

Lance Jr.

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