New noise: Moxy and The Influence

High energy Rock and Roll, best when played at full volume. With ages ranging from just 13 to 21, Moxy and The Influence are four young Southern California rockers who bring it with power and drive to every performance. Their original all-female sound is a modern mix of all that was great in the 80’s hard rock scene, and all that continues to move audiences today.

Bursting onto the Southern California rock scene in late 2013, this young band surprised audiences with hit-worthy original rock songs combined with a high-energy stage performance complete with headbanging and crowd interaction. Catchy lyrics infused with a message of individualism span generations and touch minds and hearts, inspiring listeners to think on greater things. The band of teenagers, fueled by nothing more than their love for music and their desire to exercise their passion for art, has soared to unprecedented heights in progress and musicianship.

They are Moxy and The Influence. The will influence you. They will rock you. They will quicken your pulse and awaken your soul. The might just melt your face, but it will be a great and glorious death.

Sounds Like/Influences: Paramore, Pretty Reckless, Halestorm


Moxy Anne – age 19 – vocals
Sydney Ellen – age 21 – guitar and backup vocals
Shea Hamilton – age 18 – bass
Alexey Poblete – age 13 – drums



In Concert


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