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Featured: Moxy and The Influence

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If your garage jam sessions are only being heard by your neighbours, it’s time to broaden your horizons.

New Noise is the alternative destination to showcase your live sound. Write up your own bio, list your influences, give us a link to some footage of your band and get a new channel of exposure. Each month the act with the most page views will become our New Noise Featured Band, to be plugged on our social accounts as well as the Moshcam home page.

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About New Noise

New Noise is Moshcam's platform to promote the next generation of artists. Each artist with the most shares for the month will be promoted on the Moshcam homepage. Help your favourite artists get the exposure they deserve!



With a string of hooky singles in their recent past, and an aversion to live bass guitar, Spidermonkey are the best two-piece group since Ga



Xylaroo is the joint musing of sisters Coco & Holly Chant, and the music reflects a cross-section of cultural influences


Maple Moths

Low-fi, psych/dream rock written and recorded by Sean Dwyer


The Cortex Shift

An eclectic journey through fiery jazz-rock


Aura Form

Entrancing post-rock soundscapes from Adelaide, Australia.


Tiny Fireflies

Gossamer synth-punk that floats like cloves smoke out an apartment window


Moxy and The Influence

High energy Rock and Roll, best when played at full volume


The Savilles

The Savilles are a 4 piece indie rock band formed in Toronto


Dream Awake

Dream Awake are a melodic post-hardcore band from Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Kill Dirty Youth

Mash together fuzzed-out guitar work smothered with feedback & drowned with sonic drums


The Holy Gasp

The Holy Gasp are like a bunch of hopped up junkies singing Surfin' Bird with a bad case of the shits


Queen Cities

QUEEN CITIES is a next level acoustic pop, punk, alt-rock creation of J.R. Stanley


The Last Exposure

The Last Exposure are a four piece alternative rock band


The Kava Kings

The Kava Kings bring a fresh new sound with their loose mash up of Gypsy, Rock, Reggae and Dub



Sweat Based, Soulful Rock N Roll trio from Long Beach CA


Ships Piano

Their noisy, scrappy pop-rock has a quintessentially Australian sound


Los Scallywaggs

LOS SCALLYWAGGS are a three piece from Pacific Palms, NSW made up of two brothers and good mate


Mild Manic

Made up of brothers Sam and Chris Rees on guitars, bass golden boy Dave Boyes and anchorman Jye Flynn behind the drums


Scot Free

The aim was to write and produce something that was reflective of a lifetime of influences


Maddy Rose

Maddy Rose is an Austrian stage singer/songwriter whose strong, emotive voice is coupled with soulful piano chords


The Patient

A unique mix of hardcore punk and rock n roll


Amish Tech Support

We currently play a mix of pop punk / rock / alternative music with influences including: Weezer, Blink 182, Foo Fighters, and Green Day


Paper Thin

Paper Thin are a new Emo/Pop-Punk band from Newcastle, Australia.


Regular Band

Regular Band are a Brisbane based Alternative Rock / Grunge 3 piece