Category: New Noise



With a string of hooky singles in their recent past, and an aversion to live bass guitar, Spidermonkey are the best two-piece group since Ga



Xylaroo is the joint musing of sisters Coco & Holly Chant, and the music reflects a cross-section of cultural influences


Maple Moths

Low-fi, psych/dream rock written and recorded by Sean Dwyer


The Cortex Shift

An eclectic journey through fiery jazz-rock


Aura Form

Entrancing post-rock soundscapes from Adelaide, Australia.


Tiny Fireflies

Gossamer synth-punk that floats like cloves smoke out an apartment window


Moxy and The Influence

High energy Rock and Roll, best when played at full volume


The Savilles

The Savilles are a 4 piece indie rock band formed in Toronto


Dream Awake

Dream Awake are a melodic post-hardcore band from Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Kill Dirty Youth

Mash together fuzzed-out guitar work smothered with feedback & drowned with sonic drums