Jordan Munns


I’m a photographer, graphic designer and music journalist who picked up a camera at 14 years old and decided that I didn’t want to be just a writer anymore – I wanted to take photos too. A love for Photoshop came out of editing the crappy photos I started taking, and that eventually involved into a career as a graphic designer too.

Nowadays, I combine all three of those roles, shooting, designing and writing for clients like The World Bar, Warner Music, Hypebeast, BBE, Eighty Six Events, Astral People, Sum Management, St O’Donnell and Matteau Swim. I’m also the editor and creative director at Best Before, a music media outlet I started with three of my best friends in 2015 that has now evolved into a team of over 50 contributors all around Australia. It’s been a wild ride and I’m loving the challenge of juggling it all!



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