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I started shooting in the Sydney club scene 2005 (when Annandale was still active) – I’d contact bands directly and became a regular for the likes of MM9, Sydonia & Self Is A Seed.
2006, like many others starting out – I became a contributor for Fasterlouder who gave me my first taste of arena size shoots & I became hooked with the competitive nature, trying to get the best shot along side the professionals while being limited to gear which at the time was only a plastic fantastic Canon 350D/50mm f1.8
From there I went on to be published in local/international media, covered every Soundwave Festival between Sydney 2007 – Melbourne 2015, moved to Perth in 2010 where I also become the local photographer for Frontier Touring which has lead me to have an image spread in the official Grammy Awards programme for the Taylor Swift Red Tour & shoot the entire Perth Arena show on behalf of The Rolling Stones among other opportunities.

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