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Ever since I started going to gigs when I was around 17 I have always loved to capture the bands I’ve seen. The first cameras I used were Kodak disposables and then progressed slowly onto a couple of cheap nondescript film cameras, a Canon IXUS point and shoot, Canon 1100D (first dslr) and then finally onto my current and most treasured rig – The Canon 5D Mark III. I currently shoot for a few publications namely: 100% Rock Mag, The Music and Amnplify. I strive to provide the best content possible for all of the aforementioned publications and I hope that I can be a source of inspiration for any up and coming live music photographers.
The kind of bands I love shooting the most are metal, rock and punk bands because of the amount of energy they put forward on stage. They usually make you work hard for it, but the reward at the end when you get a lasting image is worth the sweat and tears. ?

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