James Simpson


I’m a 23 year old freelance creative based in Sydney.

During the week I’m working as a Digital Marketing Assistant within the music industry, but primarily on weekends, I shoot.

When I was little I always had an interest in film and video. The process of creating a wonderful, unique moment and watching it come to life using elements such as music really stood with me and gave me an eye-opening view of the vast potential of art.

The majority of my work has been nightlife. Parties, clubs, socials, events. Though I shoot anything from engagements to portraits, food & bev, venue shots. I like to be as versatile as possible!

I brought my camera along to a high school house party in 2010 to take photos of my mate dj’ing, and I ended up covering the whole event. After that it was like a domino effect and then everyone was asking me to do their parties. I landed a weekly gig at my local taking photos on Thursday and Friday nights, and not too long after that I delved into the club scene. My local really honed my technical skills and allowed me to test new ideas and build upon them week after week.

Fast forward to now I primarily shoot freelance for myself, but I’ve shot for the likes of: Semplesize, Stoney Roads + Howl & Echoes

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