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I have always had a passion for photography and music, so it felt right to combine the two. I started photographing bands back in 2006 with a crappy little point and shoot camera and manual settings at sticky carpet venues like The Corner and East Brunswick Club. But because it was a compact camera, I couldn’t really represent anyone professionally, so my friend Liam would get doorlist access to review and I would tag along and send him a couple of sneaky shots to accompany his reviews. Eventually I could afford my first DSLR and went on from there.

Since then I’ve photographed for about a dozen music websites, The Age, Rolling Stone, touring companies, various bands, venues and Falls Festival for eight years running. My first and main outlet is still FasterLouder though, I think I’m up to my fifth editor with them it’s been that long.

I don’t have a specific genre of music I set out to photograph, as long as it’s interesting and you can see that the artist is comfortable and in their element. I like that music is universal, and to have a personal project to photograph bands in as many countries as I can which is coming along quite nicely.

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