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After studying music all throughout my school years, I decided to go study photography at uni (that makes total sense huh?) In 2008, a friend’s band was playing at Bar Broadway and I thought I’d take my camera along and see what happened, meld the two worlds I was interested in… what could go wrong? I’d never tried shooting live music before, and especially not a metal show, so I had no idea what to expect. Turns out I loved it and the experience, so I threw myself into photographing music head first.

My beginnings were slow, trying to get gigs through Faster Louder and In The Mix. Shows were few and far between, so I focused on shooting smaller club gigs in the rock and metal genres that didn’t require media pass access. I started to gain interest in my work, and that’s when I started shooting for Voltage Media. This allowed me access to the larger shows I craved and now, many years later, I have been lucky enough to shoot hundreds of bands, both of local and international renown. I’ve contributed to a few publications over the years, but I currently work with Moshcam and Heavy Music Magazine.

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