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Since purchasing my first camera (Canon 7D) I became passionate about photography. Having previously completed a Film & Television course in 2013, I became involved in filming for Tram Sessions. Later developing an interest in live music, attending events and taking photos, I soon established a portfolio and became a regular shooter for The Music and Speaker TV.


How long have you been shooting for & what got you into it?

Since finishing my Film & TV course, I wanted to get into camera work.  After buying my first DSLR I started volunteering for Tram Sessions and got into shooting a whole bunch of free local gigs around town.  One of the first shows I covered was the Hoodoo Gurus at Moomba Festival in the city which was one of my highlights to date.  I then went on to shoot for The Music – my first gig for that publication was Neil Finn at Melbourne Recital Centre which was an incredible gig to start off with.

How did the Gooch Palms shoot come about?

I’d heard of them previously on the Waco tour with Violent Soho.  I saw a whole bunch of wild, party images from their shows and I just knew I had to figure out a way to shoot that gig.

What led up to that moment you captured, with Leroy laying on his back in his undies?

A bunch of the crowd members were encouraging him to get naked – which he eventually did.  I chose not to post those images though!  It not the first time I’d seen naked musicians at The Curtin – previously the drummer of Mangelwurzel got nude behind the kit.

What are your thoughts on the MPAs?

I like the idea a lot.  To collect all of Australia’s best rock ‘n’ roll photos, week to week – it’s very cool.  I’d heard of it earlier in the year and was just waiting for a gig that would be worthy for submission.

What’s your favourite band to shoot?

Client Liaison.  The jumping, the fashion, the lighting – it’s all good.

What’s your favourite venue to shoot at?

The Forum Theatre.

Who’s left on your shooting bucket list?  

The Killers.  Not just for shooting – but I really just wanna see those guys live.  I missed their Big Day Out spot and they’re probably my favourite band in the world.  Strictly shooting-wise…  maybe Interpol or Foals…  they’d be high up on my list.

What band would you most like to go out on tour with as photographer?

Easy – The Killers.

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